Okomela IT

Okomela IT are specialist in data in a variety of fields

Litigation Support: we are experts in data handling, processing, manipulation and production

Business Intelligence: we use data to figure out market and business trends for companies to increase profits and efficiency

Data driven websites that will build a loyal customer base with our clean on-brand designs, familiar interfaces and easy content management systems


Okomela IT data migration, transformation and processing expertise enables us to work with data from a variety of source to answer your business questions

Our reporting tools would help visualize the data that powers your business

Regardless of the source of your data: public census data, eCommerce, CRM, website analytics, location data we can find the hidden value to your business


Okomela IT build online applications to collect and deliver your business data

We build user-friend public and internal web, mobile and desktop applications for client data collection and engaging reporting suits for business data visualisation

Our cloud based application on the Microsoft Auzre platform is cost effective and scalable to grow as your business needs